Custom Design

Custom Design

Fine jewellery pieces are an investment. They are also weighted with emotions, meaning, and messages. It is my mission to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a custom jewellery design experience. The journey to create a completely customized, one-of-a-kind piece that tells a story, imparts a feeling, and lasts a lifetime is not reserved only for the elite. Anyone with any budget can benefit from the skill, knowledge, insight and experience of a custom jeweller. This opportunity is yours with Refined Custom Jewellers.

A Design Of Your Own

Whether it is a gift for someone who is very important to you or a gift for yourself, a custom designed piece of jewellery can say a lot. As a gift for another, it can share a sentiment, mark an occasion, show appreciation. For yourself it can be a reward for a job well done, celebrate a milestone, make a personal statement. Whatever your reason for choosing to gift jewellery to yourself or someone else, Refined Custom Jewellers can make it happen. I promise to be a thoughtful guide on your journey from inspiration through design and to completion. I will share my expertise, insight, and advice to create the most exceptional piece of custom jewellery.

There are benefits to working with a custom jeweller:

  • Creativity: Every aspect of the design can be up to you. From materials selected to form and function, every design choice is uniquely yours.
  • Value: Although you may think that custom design means an inflated price tag, this is completely untrue. When you work with a custom jeweller, your piece is designed and created in-house, you can select materials that fit your budget, and the process is streamlined with no middlemen taking a cut. 
  • Originality: Your custom designed jewellery is designed by you (with my expert guidance) to fit your design aesthetic and the lifestyle of the wearer. No one else will ever have the same piece of jewellery, and the final piece will truly be a reflection of you.

When you choose Refined Custom Jewellers to collaborate with you on your custom piece, you are guaranteed an elevated design journey. From conceptualization, through 3D image rendering, to an accurate and meticulous wax model, we can work together to tweak and hone the design until it is absolutely perfect. Only then will I begin the process of casting, setting, and finishing your completely distinctive custom piece.

Let’s Get Started!

Is it time to ask your love to spend their life with you? Do you want to design a completely unique custom jewellery piece to mark an anniversary or other special occasion? Do you have quality jewellery that feels outdated or no longer reflects who you are?

Do you have pieces that might be more valuable than you think? Book a FREE CONSULTATION at Refined Custom Jewellers and let’s get started on a journey to create beautiful jewellery that will make a statement today and for years to come.

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Your Own Personal Jeweller

It is my goal to be your personal jewellery expert. Your go-to for every jewellery need. My services include jewellery analysis, appraisals, inspections, maintenance and repair, ready-to-purchase, previously-loved jewellery upcycling and re-imagining, and custom engagement and jewellery design.

Refined Custom Jewellers is your partner from conceptualization through creation and for every step of caring for your most treasured pieces year after year.

Custom Design FAQs

The best answer to this question is: as long as it takes. The design studio of Refined Custom Jewellers is not bound by sales quotas or quantity, so I can dedicate the time to create your unique design perfectly.

Refined Custom Jewellers can work with any budget to create a beautiful, bespoke piece that will last a lifetime.

Refined Custom Jewellers sells lab-grown and custom diamonds that are certified and laser-inscribed to ensure traceability, quality, and conflict-free stones.

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

Refined Custom Jewellers provides an elevated jewellery buying experience in Calgary and surrounding areas. Collaborate with me to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind and completely bespoke engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings, bracelet, or other piece that speaks to your own personal style. With options that work with every budget, Refined Custom Jewellers is your go-to partner for the fine jewellery pieces to mark every occasion.

Calgary’s Choice For A Better Jewellery Experience

Refined Custom Jewellers is the choice for all of your jewellery design and care needs in Calgary and area. With a commitment to responsive, respectful, and insightful service I want to be your go-to source for high-quality beautiful jewellery (custom and ready-made), reimagined and redesigned previously loved pieces, certified appraisals, and jewellery maintenance and repair. My commitment is to be a trusted partner for all of your jewellery needs. Call or text us today to book a FREE Consultation at 1-587-333-3038.

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