Remakes / Up-Cycling

Do you have jewellery you just don’t wear? Perhaps it is a treasured family heirloom that has become fragile with age. Maybe it is a valuable piece from a time in your past that just doesn’t reflect your style and tastes anymore. Maybe it is a piece of quality jewellery with real gold and diamonds, but it is damaged or in a state of disrepair. Perhaps it is a piece of significance that you would like to pass along to someone important. Maybe it is a lot of jewellery from an estate sale that was a great bargain, but not really something you love. Don’t let it sit in your jewellery box collecting dust as the years go by. With Refined Custom Jewellers there are options to up-cycle and transform your jewellery into something fresh and new that can be worn and cherished once again.

Quality Re-Imagined

I love the sentimentality of certain pieces of jewellery (a beautiful cocktail ring you remember your grandma wearing at every special occasion). I also love the idea of taking something that is no longer a reflection of who you are (diamond earrings from an ex you would rather forget?) and re-imagining it to reflect your lifestyle and the person you are today. Repurposing old, unused jewellery is great for the environment, easy on the pocketbook, and an amazing way to create a completely unique custom piece. 

We can begin by assessing the piece (or pieces) you wish to redesign to determine which metals and stones are suitable for repurposing. Once we have an idea of the materials we are working with, we can discuss how we can redesign them to meet your goals. Sometimes a piece just requires cleaning and repair, sometimes we can amalgamate several pieces to create something completely new, and sometimes we can use the materials of your existing piece in combination with new metals or stones to design an exceptional new creation.

We can collaborate to re-imagine a beautiful design to fit any budget. The goal is to recreate a piece of jewellery you will love and wear. With Refined Custom Jewellers the possibilities are endless.

Let’s Get Started!

Is it time to ask your love to spend their life with you? Do you want to design a completely unique custom jewellery piece to mark an anniversary or other special occasion? Do you have quality jewellery that feels outdated or no longer reflects who you are?

Do you have pieces that might be more valuable than you think? Book a FREE CONSULTATION at Refined Custom Jewellers and let’s get started on a journey to create beautiful jewellery that will make a statement today and for years to come.

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Your Own Personal Jeweller

It is my goal to be your personal jewellery expert. Your go-to for every jewellery need. My services include jewellery analysis, appraisals, inspections, maintenance and repair, ready-to-purchase, previously-loved jewellery upcycling and re-imagining, and custom engagement and jewellery design.

Refined Custom Jewellers is your partner from conceptualization through creation and for every step of caring for your most treasured pieces year after year.

Remakes & Up-cycling FAQs

Sometimes. If you have estate jewellery pieces you want to sell, reach out to me and book a consultation or send me an email with photos. I would love to discuss what you have, why you want to sell, and what your expectations of selling it are.

Yes, it is one of my favourite parts of my job. I am very sentimental about some things and I really love to up-cycle and re-imagine jewellery made in times gone by! There are so many ways to rework a piece, the possibilities are endless.

I would recommend emailing or texting me images of the items. The items might be valuable. There might be a simple way to change them. Give me a chance to use my expertise to provide you with options. You have nothing to lose!

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

Refined Custom Jewellers provides an elevated jewellery buying experience in Calgary and surrounding areas. Collaborate with me to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind and completely bespoke engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings, bracelet, or other piece that speaks to your own personal style. With options that work with every budget, Refined Custom Jewellers is your go-to partner for the fine jewellery pieces to mark every occasion.

Calgary’s Choice For A Better Jewellery Experience

Refined Custom Jewellers is the choice for all of your jewellery design and care needs in Calgary and area. With a commitment to responsive, respectful, and insightful service I want to be your go-to source for high-quality beautiful jewellery (custom and ready-made), reimagined and redesigned previously loved pieces, certified appraisals, and jewellery maintenance and repair. My commitment is to be a trusted partner for all of your jewellery needs. Call or text us today to book a FREE Consultation at 1-587-333-3038.

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