Design Ideas

Design Ideas

Sometimes there is just no time to commission a custom piece. You need a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery and you need it now! Refined Custom Jewellers has items for immediate purchase when custom design does not suit your timeline. When you are searching for a gift or a specific piece for yourself on short notice, browse my Instagram page and reach out to me to explore your options.

Beautiful Jewellery Without The Wait

When time permits and when inspiration strikes, I have the opportunity to let the creative juices flow and create unique custom jewellery pieces for immediate purchase. I have also curated a network of fellow suppliers and designers to create a catalogue of pieces I am confident are up to the discerning tastes of my clientele. When you choose to purchase a ready-made piece from Refined Custom Jewellers, you are still offered an elevated, personalized buying experience, just on a much quicker timeline.

There are two customer journeys to find exceptional, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. 

  1. A custom-designed piece made in house: If you are looking for a special piece and are open to browsing our ready-made items, book a time to come in and shop. You can look and try on and find the perfect piece for yourself or for someone special.
  2. A piece sourced specifically for you from our network of designers: If you are looking for something specific like a tungsten wedding band, a rare gemstone ring, a pearl necklace, a chain-link bracelet, or anything else, let me know and I can curate a catalogue of some of my industry partners’ best work for you to explore. We can view items in 3D online, or I can bring in a small collection of items at a range of price points for you to look at in person and try on.

Let’s Get Started!

Is it time to ask your love to spend their life with you? Do you want to design a completely unique custom jewellery piece to mark an anniversary or other special occasion? Do you have quality jewellery that feels outdated or no longer reflects who you are?

Do you have pieces that might be more valuable than you think? Book a FREE CONSULTATION at Refined Custom Jewellers and let’s get started on a journey to create beautiful jewellery that will make a statement today and for years to come.

Refined Custom Jewellers Catalogue

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Your Own Personal Jeweller

It is my goal to be your personal jewellery expert. Your go-to for every jewellery need. My services include jewellery analysis, appraisals, inspections, maintenance and repair, ready-to-purchase, previously-loved jewellery upcycling and re-imagining, and custom engagement and jewellery design.

Refined Custom Jewellers is your partner from conceptualization through creation and for every step of caring for your most treasured pieces year after year.

Jewellery For Purchase FAQs

YES! If it is jewellery I sell it! I don't keep a lot of inventory but I have access to a wonderful supply of all jewellery items you can imagine and overnight shipping!

Yes, I can. Would you like lab-grown or mined? Screw backs or locking? Are you allergic to nickel? Then we will get you platinum. I have all the options ready and waiting for you and I will provide you with an appraisal.

I am here for you! Diamond pendant? Graduated pearl necklace? What about an emerald ring? I have so many options and images so that we can look together and we can order in options and for a nominal fee return what doesn't suit our fancy!

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

Refined Custom Jewellers provides an elevated jewellery buying experience in Calgary and surrounding areas. Collaborate with me to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind and completely bespoke engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings, bracelet, or other piece that speaks to your own personal style. With options that work with every budget, Refined Custom Jewellers is your go-to partner for the fine jewellery pieces to mark every occasion.

Calgary’s Choice For A Better Jewellery Experience

Refined Custom Jewellers is the choice for all of your jewellery design and care needs in Calgary and area. With a commitment to responsive, respectful, and insightful service I want to be your go-to source for high-quality beautiful jewellery (custom and ready-made), reimagined and redesigned previously loved pieces, certified appraisals, and jewellery maintenance and repair. My commitment is to be a trusted partner for all of your jewellery needs. Call or text us today to book a FREE Consultation at 1-587-333-3038.

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