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It is my goal to be your personal jewellery expert. Your go-to for every jewellery need. My services include jewellery analysis, appraisals, inspections, maintenance and repair, ready-to-purchase, previously-loved jewellery upcycling and re-imagining, and custom engagement and jewellery design.

Refined Custom Jewellers is your partner from conceptualization through creation and for every step of caring for your most treasured pieces year after year.


Jewellery is an investment that should be protected. If you are considering the smartest way to protect your investment, consider insuring your valuable, quality jewellery pieces like engagement and wedding rings, diamonds and other stones, and precious metal jewellery. Insurance can cover


Jewellery is a funny thing. It can be very hard to determine the value of a piece if you are not a certified jeweller. Sometimes people store and protect an heirloom diamond ring, only to discover that it is made of brass and glass. Other times people will stash an old piece of jewellery i


Wear and tear of your jewellery is normal, especially on pieces like engagement rings and wedding bands that you wear every day. Metals like gold, platinum, and silver can thin over time and setting can become damaged or weakened. Regular jewellery inspection services allow you to stay on


We all have it. That jewellery box drawer, or tin, or jar of broken jewellery; broken necklace chains, stones that have fallen out, earrings with broken posts, a ring that slips off every time you wear it, bracelets with clasps that no longer close. Maybe you stuck your damaged jewellery i

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A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

A Better Way To Find Jewellery You Love

Refined Custom Jewellers provides an elevated jewellery buying experience in Calgary and surrounding areas. Collaborate with me to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind and completely bespoke engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, earrings, bracelet, or other piece that speaks to your own personal style. With options that work with every budget, Refined Custom Jewellers is your go-to partner for the fine jewellery pieces to mark every occasion.

Calgary’s Choice For A Better Jewellery Experience

Refined Custom Jewellers is the choice for all of your jewellery design and care needs in Calgary and area. With a commitment to responsive, respectful, and insightful service I want to be your go-to source for high-quality beautiful jewellery (custom and ready-made), reimagined and redesigned previously loved pieces, certified appraisals, and jewellery maintenance and repair. My commitment is to be a trusted partner for all of your jewellery needs. Call or text us today to book a FREE Consultation at 1-587-333-3038.

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