Everyone should have a customized engagement ring

Everyone should have a customized engagement ring

People have two initial reactions when they find out that I am a custom jeweller. Reaction 1; Wow that sounds interesting. Reaction 2; Shock that I am not dripping in diamonds. I am kidding of course. But, truly I preach this every day and have for over the last decade. Anyone can afford a custom piece of jewellery. There I said it. The cat is out of the bag. Custom jewellery is not just for the ultra-rich and famous every can have a piece that is just for them.

So, what is the difference between custom and customized? Sometimes, there is a style of ring that is readily available, well made and can easily fit a keystone-size stone. This isn’t that common of an experience for me, but it certainly does happen from time to time. It is an option and I provide the same guarantees that I would if I had made the entire piece custom. 

Why should I get a ring made in my size? The reality is that sizing a ring with stones in the band is not also possible nor is it always something I recommend. I am here for you. I want you to wear and enjoy your jewellery. If we made the piece in the proper size to begin with it saves us work and stress in the future. There are items that I do not size, but.........more on that in another post.

So how much does a custom engagement ring cost?

There is no easy answer here. But there is a lot to discuss and I pride myself on educating my clients. I like to look at what they are most drawn to in their rings. Is the diamond size? Is it the band? Often people like a look of an engagement ring and do not give thought to the wedding band. There truly is a ring for everyone, I work with my clients to make them a ring that they love and can afford.

When I hear people who think my fees are going to be high it makes me sad. I think that I can put a ring together at a price that is absolutely comparable to other stores and you are not paying me for my reputation. You are paying me to bring your dream engagement ring to fruition.  It is just you and I working together in my office to make your dream engagement ring come to life. I am an expert on the subject of diamonds and by the time we put a ring on it, you will be too!

Give me a call, shoot me an email or text me. I work very hard to ensure that my clients are not happy they are THRILLED! Making anyone an engagement ring of any size, of any price range is my joy, honour and pleasure. You will never know what you are missing out on if you don’t give me a chance!

Q. Can I pick out my own diamond? 
A. Yes, we will find a few diamonds for you to look at that are all in your budget and pick one from there. 

Q. Can my custom ring be made fully in Canada?
A.  Yes it can! 

Q. How long will it take to make a custom engagement ring?
A. 4 weeks is my average.

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