What does a custom jeweller do?

What does a custom jeweller do?

Hi there! My name is Carey and I am a custom jeweller. I want to be your jeweller. I take being a jeweller really seriously, (although I think I am funny). The products that I sell will last a lifetime with a moderate about of upkeep and maintenance. Really truly, I believe this statement to be true. I know that I create well-made products and that if they are treated with a little respect they will shine for the ages. So, let’s talk about what I do and what I can do for you. 

What does a custom jeweller do? 

First off I really like to know my clients. I find that if I have a feel for their lifestyle I can help them to create or purchase a piece that will fit for them. As an example, I have two kids who are active so I am often on the run so my jewellery has to be able to take a little bit of a beating. I shlep hockey bags, groceries and Boots (my corgi) everywhere. As such micro-pave is not for me. I am just not delicate enough for it.  Do I love the uber sparkle of it? YES. But, it is high maintenance and right now that does not work for me. So, when my clients come to me with an engagement ring request I have some personal questions to help me help them make the best choices.  

This also applies when clients come to me with broken jewellery as well. Hollow pieces can break easily. But, gold is soft and over time it does wear. When you wear two rings together they rub each other they are wearing each other down, this is why we suggest that you solder wedding sets together. I really pride myself on my diagnosis skills. I love to bring jewellery back to its original glory. There are times when we have to start over, but we will never know if you don’t ask. 

I love hearing my client's stories. How they met. Who gave them a piece of jewellery? How long they have been together? When I make a piece of jewellery for my clients I feel like a little itty-bitty piece of their story. It is such an honour for me. I acknowledge the level of trust I am granted as a jeweller and I really appreciate it and take it very seriously. When I say I want to be YOUR jeweller I mean it. I am selling you an item that represents emotion and I absolutely want it to be the most positive, personal experience it can be. I want you to be comfortable. I want you to be confident and educated about your purchase. I want you to be thrilled every time you see the piece of jewellery I sold you. Literally, thrilled in love over and over again. 

So what does a custom jeweller do? Anything and everything related to jewellery. Here is my list:

  • Diamond appraisal
  • Inspect
  • Clean
  • Sell
  • Custom design
  • Repair
  • Rhodium plate
  • Fix

You name it! I can and will happily help you. I promise to make you the best piece I can for you and to take care of it with your help and you’ll have FUN! 

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